Ready to Use Facility Applications


Reinforced concrete and steel structure solutions are offered to our clients. In addition, all the infrastructure work are solved within our company branches. We believe the final work would be excellent only if all the sub-works are completed within our company structure.


Reinforced Concrete

  • Entirely or partially reinforced concrete structures
  • Industrial ground conrete
  • High quality is assured with our formwork equipment
    • 50 000 m3 of Scaffold
    • 30 000 m GT-24's
    • 30 000 m H-20's
    • 3 000 Waffle Slab Forms
    • 1 Potain Tower Crane


Steel Structures

  • Manifacturing and assembly of projects that are entirely composed of steel
  • Roof systems that are composed of hollow/angle trusses, castellated beams, built-up shapes or I-shaped profiles
  • Made-to-order machinery platforms
  • Mezzanine floors and platforms inside the buildings
  • Rounded or rectangular formwork for concrete
  • Assembly on the construction site is accelerated with the use of machinery in our possession
    • 2 Truck Mounted Crane (35tons)
    • 3 Truck Mounted Lifts



  • Drainage systems
  • Earthmoving
  • Water/heat isolation
  • Enhanced capabilities with the equipment
    • 2 CAT Backhoe Loaders
    • 3 CAT Excavators
    • 1 BOMAG Compactor



  • Siding and roof coating
  • Application of architectural projects
  • Concrete screeding, plaster, ceramic tile, plumbing, wiring and painting works