The below are the projects completed in the last three years. Visitors can contact our customer service to leran more about these projects or older.

Industry Facility Projects

Tan Grup Business Center Ongoing
Bulut Makine New Manifacturing Facility 2013, December
Best Kale Cıvata New Storage Facility 2013, December
Tan Grup Business Center 2013, May
Şahinler Metal Manifacturing Facility Extension 2013, May
Seyhan Cam Manifacturing Facility Extension 2013, April
Vatan Plastik Manifacturing Facility Extension 2013, February
Kazanç Plastik Storage Area Extension 2012, September
Vatan Kimya New Manifacturing Facility 2012, January
Tan Grup Business Center 2011, September
Özdoğanlar Metal New Service Building 2011, June
Piteks Kimya Manifacturing Facility Extension 2011, May
Metay Construction Manifacturing and Storage Facility 2011, April
Genç Makine New Manifacturing Facility 2011, February