Technology and Modern Management Concept


Metay Construction and Trade L.C. has been established in 2005 to execute the objective of providing the ideal service to its clients under the influence of its founders' experience in the construction industry since 1978. The main activities of Metay Construction are general construction contracting and real estate development who succesfully completed business center, manifacturing and storage facility, residence and summer house projects up to now.

Metay Construction has adopted the vision that prioritises quality and safety in each project. We effectively apply the latest technology and modern management concept applications in each stage of the projects and follow the innovations in the industry closely. The quality of craftsmanship and material are always kept at the highest level where finishing the projects up to schedule is always achieved.

Each of us believe that we can build the future by fulfilling modern needs of the society in the correct way with well-thought and sustainable projects. For this reason, creating solutions that are in harmony with the environment as well as without harming the landscape and silhouette of the nature are vital for us.

As a company based in Turkey which is a rapid growing country, we have helped many international firms to establish in the region who benefited this experience. Exports of machinery parts that are manifactured in Metay Steel Workshop for many international firms are also a branch of ours.