Steel Manifacturing with Plates and Sections


We offer steel manifacturing services in our well-established steel workshop. Manifactured steel shapes and plates are supplied to steel construction, machinery production, platform production etc. projects.


CNC Plasma Cutting

  • Plasma cutting
  • Oxygen-weld
  • Plasma cutting and hole openning for pipes
  • Sand blasting
    • All plates, profiles and finished products up to 2000mm width can be sanded


Press Braking

  • Plate bending with thicknesses up to 10mm with APH 3110x200



  • Plate cutting with thicknesses up to 10mm with MGH 3100x10



  • Openning holes (max. 40mm) on plates with thicknesses up to 25mm


Section Splitting

  • All wide sections, I-profiles, pipes or rectangular sections are cut to the needed lengths